What trends in influencer marketing will the year 2024 bring us?

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The popularity of influencer marketing grows year by year, and what is surprising is that more and more brands prefer to invest their marketing budget in nano and micro influencers instead of big and famous ones. Whether it’s greater engagement with smaller influencers or easier targeting of a niche audience, that part of the influencer demographic is experiencing a real boom.

While influencers once agreed to create content for the price of donated products, things have changed over the years and more and more of them have their own price that is in line with the sale of the product in question, and not fixed as it used to be.


92% of brands want to increase cooperation with influencers in 2024, which only confirms the success of this form of marketing. The integration of AI-generated content has not bypassed influencer marketing either, and some brands go so far as to opt for “virtual influencers” instead of real ones. In addition to virtual influencers, experts predict an increase in popularity and the so-called granfluencers, that is, retirees who create content for social networks.

Devojka sa roze kosom kreira sadržaj za Tik Tok

The fertile ground for the expansion of brands is represented by TikTok, which is increasingly attracting an audience older than Gen Z, to which only 5% of brands have approached on that platform so far, from which we can conclude that TikTok will increase its reach day by day, reaching more mature demography.

Live shopping is a relatively new method used by well-known brands such as Amazon and Walmart, and it will grow in popularity more and more this year. In addition to the aforementioned, LinkedIn continues to grow exponentially, and the few influencers on that platform earn large sums precisely for the reason that they are that – few.

B2B oglašivači - četvoro mladih ljudi koji se vesele dok kreiraju sadržaj za društvene mreže - influencer marketing

Data tells us that 75% of B2B advertisers invest in influencer marketing, and content created for social networks is often used for emails, TV commercials, digital ads, etc. Also, from research, we learn that the influencer marketing industry will grow to approx. 24 billion dollars by the end of 2024.

75% of influencers have increased the amount of content created, and ¼ of respondents plan to invest more than 40% of their marketing budget in this form of marketing.

From all of the above, we can conclude that influencer marketing is not going anywhere, on the contrary, it continues to grow at a high speed, but the statistics on the increase in popularity of smaller influencers and narrower targeting of niche groups are interesting, which will be reflected in smaller engagements of larger influencers and celebrities.

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