What changes do experts expect in SEO considering the integration of AI-generated content?

Luka Đurišević
Luka Đurišević



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The incorporation of AI-generated content has brought numerous changes to Google search and the approach to SEO optimization itself.

For this very reason, SEO experts will have to introduce changes in their approach, which will include shifting the focus from measuring CTR and ranking on the Google search engine to conversions, leads and general brand visibility.

A significant drop in visits to websites is expected and it will be difficult to measure organic SEO optimization, so it is suggested that brands ensure their presence on as many platforms as possible in order to ensure visibility and achieve brand awareness.

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Quality content written by experts in a specific field will be increasingly valued over AI-generated content, so brands are suggested to provide high-quality content and formats such as research, case studies, and personal stories and experiences that AI cannot replicate. Such content will pass Google’s content quality assessment better.

In addition to Google, users will increasingly resort to other search platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit and YouTube, and the value of video content will grow, so it is recommended that brands incorporate short video formats into their marketing strategies.

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Given that brands will have to make an effort to build trust and credibility, user reviews and opinions, which also create direct communication between users and the brand, will have priority.

Google recently introduced another E (experience) in its E-E-A-T model (experience, expertise, authority and trust), so in order for brands to rank better, it is recommended to create high-quality content (which, according to experts, will increasingly have an advantage in relation to paid ads), collaboration with industry experts, regular publishing of content that demonstrates deep knowledge of the brand’s topics, use of webinars, podcasts and social networks to connect with the target group and build trust.

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The synergy between SEO and content will be focused on three main areas: quality content, focus on visuals and expertise in content creation.

Also, changes are expected in the approach to e-commerce, which will be enriched with a greater amount of information and facilitate the connection between online shops and physical locations, which will position Google as a direct competitor to Amazon.

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As we witnessed in the second half of 2023, Google could introduce more and more updates, so SEO experts should keep up with the upcoming changes.

All in all, with the increase in the use of AI-generated content, the value of quality content created by experts will increase, and users will increasingly resort to alternative search engines that compete with Google and social networks. SEO optimization will have to adapt to the upcoming changes in the Google algorithm and devise a new way of measuring results.

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