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Welcome to Webilum – a place where digital creativity meets business excellence! We are an agency that shapes your brand through the digital environment. Our mission is to provide customized web services to micro, small, and medium enterprises that are building the future of business. Our expert team offers a wide range of digital solutions, including web and mobile development, digital marketing, and production of photos and video materials. What sets us apart is an individual approach that meets different business needs. Webilum is here to turn your idea into reality, help you reach your desired audience, find new clients, and achieve exceptional results in the competitive digital world.

Where innovation meets inspiration – achieve the desired results with the Webilum agency!


Our teams

At the heart of the Webilum team lies the secret of our biggest advantage – love for what we do. Webilum is an agency that has gathered enthusiasts for design, marketing and technology, people who share the same passion and create innovative solutions for our clients every day. Our strength lies in the fact that each team member brings his unique perspective, and together we create harmony that turns ideas into reality.

Luka Đurišević


Robert Panijan


Alen Kasumović

Head of Design / Webilum Team

Mladen Janković

Head of Design / Dizr Team

Senka Švraka

Head of Marketing

Matea Biloš

SEO Specialist

Tomislav Biloš

SEO Specialist

Marko Andrijašević

Photo & Video

Fran Markulin

Head of Development

Webilum Development

Team size:
Valentin, Dominik, Domagoj, Adrian, Damian

Python, Java, Dart, Swift

Flutter, ReactNative, React

GO, Next.js, Node.js, Firebase/Firestore, Supabase


HTML, CSS, JavaScript


On this journey, we are not alone.

At Webilum, we take pride in being more than just a brand – we’re a family made up of our employees and partners. Our experience has taught us that when we combine our strengths, we can create extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression. That is why we’ve formed partnerships with incredible brands, teams, and like-minded creative individuals, such as Dizr, Memento, and Digital Aetas. These partners are fully integrated within WEBILUM, and we all work together as one big family.

As the saying goes – ‘Many heads are better than one.’



Creative solutions


We create visually appealing solutions that emphasize your uniqueness.


We strategically design campaigns to increase brand visibility and achieve significant results.


We develop customized digital solutions with a focus on your specific needs.


We turn ideas into visually captivating concepts through a creative approach and innovation.




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